On The Ball - Gallery Page 9

Photo #00201

Line up at the Bank of Montreal -- 1956. (Lorne & Sharon Earle Collection)

Workers lined up inside the Bank of Montreal in Smeltersite.

Photo #00191

Loyal Order of the Seagull Coat of Arms -- February 23, 1956. (Northern Sentinel Press Collection)

The Loyal Order of the Seagull Coat of Arms.

Photo #00206

Temporary buildins B and C, Service Centre -- May 12, 1956. (Alcan Collection)

The completed shopping centre in temporary buildings "B" and "C" in Service Centre. The Bank of Montreal sign is visible.

Photo #00210

Ten-man bunkhouses -- May 23, 1956. (Alcan Collection)

The 10-man bunkhouses recently constructed on the old Trailer Camp site. 72-man bunkhouses are in the background.

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