Settling In - Gallery Page 4

Photo #00258

Interior of Nechako Theatre / Photographed by Max Patzelt -- ca. October 24, 1956. (School District No. 80 Collection) Photographed by Max Patzelt

The interior of the new Nechako Theatre in Nechako Centre, Kitimat.

Photo #00251

Hudson's Bay Company opening -- December 1956. (Northern Sentinel Press Collection)

Kitimat residents gathered outside the Hudson's Bay Company store in City Centre for the grand opening.

Photo #00204

Opening of the Hudson's Bay shop, City Centre -- December 12, 1956. (Alcan Collection)

A crowd of people squeeze through the front doors of the new Hudson's Bay store in City Centre, Kitimat during its grand opening.

Photo #00250

Interior of Helen's Cafe / Photographed by Max Patzelt. -- 1957. (School District No. 80 Collection) Photographed by Max Patzelt.

Tables set inside Helen's Cafe at City Centre, Kitimat.

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