Settling In - Gallery Page 5

Photo #00263

Night School English Class -- 1957. (Northern Sentinel Press Collection)

Night school English class held at Nechako Elementary School. From left is Frida Meuser from Germany, Jacob Hadland from Norway, Frank Ginur from Austria, and Crista Mais from Portugal.

Photo #00276

Super Valu float -- July 01, 1957. (Northern Sentinel Press Collection)

The Super Valu float at Nechako Centre after the Dominion Day parade in Kitimat.

Photo #00246

Nechako Neighbourhood playground -- 1958. (School District No. 80 Collection)

Children playing in a Nechako Neighbourhood playground - part of Kitimat's many acres of green space.

Photo #00275

High jump -- July 01, 1958. (Northern Sentinel Press Collection)

An athlete going over the high jump at a track and field meet in Kitimat.

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