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Photo #00278

Remembrance Day ceremony -- November 11, 1958. (Northern Sentinel Press Collection)

A Remembrance Day ceremony underway in Nechako Theatre in Kitimat. The Volunteer Firefighter's wreath is laid by Fire Chief Aubrey Creed. On the stage from the left are Reverend Graham Tucker, Dr. R. G. Davidson, and A. E. Vrooman, colour bearer of the Canadian Legion.

Photo #00253

Century House, City Centre -- 1959. (Alcan Collection)

Aerial of Kitimat's office building in the downtown area. The Royal Bank of Canada occupied the main floor, and Property and Power Operations for the Aluminum Company of Canada occupied an upper floor. Kildala Neighbourhood is shown in the background.

Photo #00277

Soap box derby entrant -- June 07, 1959. (Max Patzelt Collection)

A boy sitting in his derby racer, sponsored by Kitimat Rotary, on Oriole Street in Kitimat. The Shop-Easy and Nechako Centre are visible between the houses..

Photo #00257

Kitimat Public Library / Photographed by Malak Karsh -- ca. 1961. (Northern Sentinel Press Collection) Photographed by Malak Karsh

The exterior of the new Kitimat Public Library at Nechako Centre, Mount Elizabeth in the background.

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