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Artifact #022

Ship's binnacle from the Motor Vessel (MV) Nechako that began life in 1929 as the Cora Marie - luxury yacht of W.C. Shelly, B.C.'s Finance Minister. She was sold in California in the 1930s and later served with the U.S. Navy as a patrol boat during World War II. Kitimat Constructors purchased her in 1952 for transporting construction personnel between Butedale, Prince Rupert, and Kitimat. In 1954 the motor vessel, skippered by Captain Bill Cogswell, began regular trips ferrying construction personnel and freight between Kitimat and Kemano. With Captain Cogswell, she logged close to 1,200 round trips between the two communities. The binnacle was restored and presented by the Kemano Power Operations Group to E.W. Red McKernan, first Superintendent of Power Operations "for devoted service as ship's husband, 1954-1974". Mr. McKernan in turn donated it to the Kemano Museum. Donated by Alcan Primary Metal – British Columbia.ion worker. Donated by Ernest Swenson.

Artifact #023

Gas mask with pack and warden’s armband used by Civil Defence, Kitimat Auxiliary Police in Kitimat. As representatives of Canada's emergency planning, Civil Defence volunteers mobilized to protect Kitimat against invasion, nuclear attack, and other disasters. A municipal civil defence plan was put in place, and volunteers received training in search and rescue, survival, bomb shelters, and emergency feeding. Donated by Emergency Preparedness, District of Kitimat.

Artifact #026

Reeve Wilbur Hallman (1956-1961) officially opened the new municipal Public Safety Building by unlocking the door with this key in 1956. The Northern Sentinel newspaper headline stated the building marked three and a half years of municipal progress. Donated by the District of Kitimat.

Photo #028

Chair created for Kitimat by Vancouver-based designer Robin Bush. Bush was contracted by Alcan to furnish Nechako Lodge, Alcan's guesthouse and workers' accommodations. The walnut dining room chair from Nechako Lodge is a Robin Bush and Earle Morrison design. Donated by Christ Church Anglican of Kitimat

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