Artifacts - Gallery Page 4

Artifact #036

Union Steamships Limited ticket.

Artifact #038

Queen Charlotte Airlines Limited ticket. QCA flew freight, mail, and workers into Kitimat between 1952 and 1955. The company was purchased by Pacific Western Airlines in 1955.

Artifact #039

“Kitimat” handkerchief (2001.27.1) is a souvenir of the Project. Donated by Heather Johannson.

Photo #042

Women’s underwear (2001.27.3) with “Joey” cartoon. Donated by Heather Johannson. Cartoonist and newsman Al Beaton introduced Joey, who immortalized the trials and tribulations of the average Kitimat construction worker. The Hudson’s Bay Trading Company published three of Al Beaton’s cartoon books and perhaps this pair of underwear as well.

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