Artifacts - Gallery Page 6

Artifact #049

Aluminum token (983.1.4) created in celebration of aluminum production at the Kitimat smelter opened 1954. Donated by Mrs. D. L. Norrington.

Artifact #054

Miniature aluminum ingot (982.75.1) – prior to the tri-lock design – presented to delegates on the Vancouver Board of Trade Goodwill Tour in 1960. The Vancouver Board of Trade also sent a 220-member industrial tour party in 1955 to visit the new towns of Kitimat and Kemano. Donated by Alcan Primary Metal – British Columbia.

Photo #063

Vancouver-based designer Robin Bush created this laminate coffee table with iron frame, “worker” furniture, for Kitimat. Bush was contracted by Alcan to furnish Nechako Lodge, Alcan's guesthouse and workers' accommodations. Laminate was one of the new innovative materials of the 1950s. Donated by Christ Church Anglican of Kitimat.

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