Artifacts - Gallery Page 7

Artifact #065

Kenney Dam opening day pin (983.1.5), presented to those who attended the Naming Ceremony, May 10, 1952. The dam was completed in November 1952. Donated by Mrs. D. L. Norrington.

Artifact #073

Kitimat Constructors ID badge - "60" identifies the Woods Division and "184" the personal number of employee Len Vroon.

Artifact #074

Mining Helmet (2001.9.1) found at West Tahtsa Lake. Donated by Garrie Smith.

Photo #077

Vancouver-based designer Robin Bush created this laminate coffee table with iron frame, “worker” furniture, for Kitimat. Bush was contracted by Alcan to furnish Nechako Lodge, Alcan's guesthouse and workers' accommodations. Laminate was one of the new innovative materials of the 1950s. Donated by Economic Development, District of Kitimat.

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