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Museum Main FloorGuided Tours – Consider bringing your class for a visit to your community museum!  Museum staff will provide a guided tour for your class on settlers, first nations, geology and fossils, local wildlife, and/or town history. 

Museum Explorer programsDarning Socks - Boys & Girls The Museum instructor and volunteers can deliver Museum Explorer programming to your class at the Museum or in your classroom, September through June.  Yes, the Museum will bring the resource – a 1.5 hour workshop – to your classroom.  The following programs are now available:




Moose at Tweedsmuir StreetWoodland Wildlife

There are many birds and animals that make their home in the Kitimat Valley forest. The forest is an ecosystem. Forests are full of living and non-living things that depend on each other. Trees, ferns, and shrubs grow in the forest. Insects, birds, deer and bears are some of the forest animals that need these plants. Water, stones, and soil are nonliving things that animals need too. These are concepts that will be explored in this teaching program. 


Alexander Children, Kitimat ValleyBoys & Girls of the Kitimat Valley

 What was it like living and going to school in the Kitimat Valley over 100 years ago? Household/farming/pioneer activities and their associated objects and outcomes will be explored as students learn what chores they would have been expected to do – including how these jobs differ from, or are similar to modern day life. This program lets the students experience everyday pioneer life from a child’s perspective.



Ammonite in the Museum CollectionAncient Life and Land in the Northwest

Ancient Life and Land in the Northwest Teaching Program. Did you know that the entire Kitimat Valley right up to Terrace was covered in a glacier25,000 years ago? Actually the entire Terrace/Kitimat area was once under a sea millions of years ago, then ice, and when the ice melted, under sea again. 



Also Available to book:

Museum in the Classroom Art Workshops - Classes on perspective, still life, landscape and portraiture in water colour and pastel are delivered by artist Casey Braam, January to April.  Teachers can book more than one session, building on concepts learned from previous classes and years.  Home schooled students also participate in classes at the Museum.
Call the Museum at 250-632-8950 to book your class or e-mail Angela Eastman at

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