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Photo #00013

Alcan Project humorous reprieve certificate -- ca.1952. (Ernie Archer Collection)

A humorous reprieve certificate given to employees of the Alcan Project. The content also implies the hardships endured by the Morrison-Knudsen Company workers in Kemano.

Photo #00011

Camp at Kildala Pass -- ca.1953. (Hal Whiting Collection)

Two workers looking on as a Sikorsky S-55 helicopter brings in a load of supplies to the transmission line camp atop Kildala Pass.

Photo #00006

Alcan Project management / Power Operations, Alcan Primary Metal B.C. -- March 9, 1953. (Alcan Collection) Power Operations, Alcan Primary Metal B.C.

Six people standing on the Kemano Wharf. From left is Mr. K. Roestad; Mr. Percy E. Radley; Mr. McNeely DuBose; Mrs. McNeely DuBose; Mr. M.K. Madsen, M.K. Assistant Project Manager and Mr. R.E. Reed, M.K. Area Engineer.

Photo #00007

Carl Agar and Bill McLeod with Sikorsky helicopter -- ca.195?. (Kitimat Heritage Advisory Commission Collection)

Carl Agar looking up at Bill McLeod who is piloting a Sikorsky helicopter.

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