Making it Happen - Transmission Line - Gallery Page 1

Photo #00114

Kemano Pass camp -- 1952. (June Coultan Collection)

The tent camp at tower No. 106 in the Kemano Pass. Kemano River Valley is in the background.

Photo #00127

Clearing transmission line right-of-way -- 1952. (Alcan Collection)

Workers clearing the transmission line right-of-way. The smelter site preparation and smoke from the townsite clearing are in the distance.

Photo #00107

Sikorsky helicopter at Twin Peaks landing field / Courtesy of the Alcan Ingot. -- 1952 or 1953. (Alcan Collection) Courtesy of the Alcan Ingot.

Men standing beside a Sikorsky helicopter that has landed atop the Twin Peaks landing field.

Photo #00108

Loading Bell helicopter -- 1952 or 1953. (Kitimat Heritage Advisory Commission Collection)

Two men loading supplies for construction of the transmission line into a Bell helicopter. The transmission line right-of-way is seen in the background.

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