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Photo #00137

International L-190 concrete truck fleet (Hal Whiting Collection)

Seven International L-190 trucks, complete with Jaeger ready-mix concrete machines. These trucks were the first installment of a large fleet at Kitimat.

Photo #00132

Hal Whiting and [colleague] smelter pre-construction -- 1951 or 1952. (Hal Whiting Collection)

Kitimat Constructors Project Manager Hal Whiting on right, standing beside a unidentified man. Both watch the construction activity occurring down on the tidal flats in front of them, site for the smelter.

Photo #00133

Smeltersite sawmill and burner -- September 15, 1951. (Alcan Collection)

The sawmill burner, looking northeast towards the proposed smelter and town sites.

Photo #00135

Dumping muck / International Harvester Company -- ca. 1952. (Hal Whiting Collection) International Harvester Company

A barge loaded with muck dredged from the wharf area. The International TD-9 dozer boat on the barge was there to push loads off as the barge was moved along.

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