Making it Happen - Smelter - Gallery Page 3

Photo #00145

Construction of smelter lines numbers 1 and 2 -- 1953. (District of Kitimat Collection)

The construction of smelter lines numbers 1 and 2.

Photo #00294

Permanent wharf construction site -- March 26, 1953. (Hal Whiting Collection)

The dredge and dragline excavating the channel from the dock to deep water, a truck dumping gravel for the foundation blanket into the bottom of a dump scow. The view looks toward the construction site for the permanent wharf from the south dike of the graving dock, crew bunkhouses of Smeltersite in the background.

Photo #00141

Aerial view of caisson construction in the graving dock -- April 01, 1953. (Hal Whiting Collection)

An aerial view of the three caissons in their graving dock nearing completion.

Photo #00140

Caisson construction for Alcan dock -- April 30, 1953. (Hal Whiting Collection)

A view caisson construction in their graving dock. The view is looking north at the timber bulkheads being installed.

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