Making it Happen - Smelter - Gallery Page 4

Photo #00293

Drag installation on Lotus Seeker -- May 07, 1953. (Hal Whiting Collection)

The drag for leveling the foundation blanket, being installed on the bow of the Lotus Seeker owned by the B.C. Bridge & Dredging Company.

Photo #00142

Caisson launching operation group -- May 15, 1953. (Hal Whiting Collection)

A group of men concerned with the caisson dock construction. From left is Messrs., Cam Jenkinson, George Malby, McCallum, Hal Whiting, J. B. Whitton, S. T. Wynne-Jones, Van Houten and Dick Hermann. View is of three floating caissons that were being towed into position for sinking, creating the smelter dock.

Photo #00144

Deep excavation for the alumina storage building, smelter site -- July 30, 1953. (Hal Whiting Collection)

Workers excavating for the construction of the alumina storage building.

Photo #00143

Completed dock -- 1954. (Alcan Collection)

The newly constructed dock, Terminal Wharf No. 1. View looking south-west from a point on the graving dock. Hydraulic fill dredge pipeline in the foreground running along at water level.

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