Making it Happen - Smelter - Gallery Page 5

Photo #00147

Quebec employees -- September 15, 1954. (Alcan Collection)

A group of Quebec employees at the Kitimat wharf, having just arrived to work on the startup of Potline No. 1.

Photo #00150

Loading ingots at the dock -- ca. 1955. (Northern Sentinel Press Collection)

A worker spotting the loading pallets of ingots as they are hoisted aboard a freighter at the dock at Alcan Kitimat Works.

Photo #00139

Sandhill Conveyor -- 1956. (Northern Sentinel Press Collection)

A newly erected conveyor to be used in transporting fill to the smelter.

Photo #00292

Sawmill -- 1957. (Alcan Collection)

A worker beside spotting a full hoist of lumber at the sawmill at Anderson Creek.

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