Making it Happen - The Town - Gallery Page 8

Photo #00180

Nels Klit award winning garden / Photographed by Malak Karsh -- 1959. (Alcan Collection) Photographed by Malak Karsh

Nels Klit and family in their award winning garden on Starling Street.

Photo #00295

Kitimat homes and gardens -- June 09, 1961. (Max Patzelt Collection)

Johnson-Crooks homes and their backyard gardens.

Photo #00173

Aerial view of Kitimat / Photographed by Max Patzelt. -- June 13, 1962. (Max Patzelt Collection) Photographed by Max Patzelt.

An aerial view of Kitimat. Seen is land cleared for Neighbourhood "D" and the Whitesail Neighbourhood under construction, right foreground. The Alcan smelter and channel are in the background.


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