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Photo #00221

CP steamship Princess Norah / Photographed by Fritz Wurster. -- ca. 1953. (Fritz Wurster Collection) Photographed by Fritz Wurster.

The Canadian Pacific steamship Princess Norah nearing the Kemano dock.

Photo #00223

Passengers arrive at Dala Heights float camp / Power Operations, Alcan Primary Metal B.C. -- March 26, 1953. (Alcan Collection) Power Operations, Alcan Primary Metal B.C.

Passengers disembarking from the boat and seaplane docked at the wharf of the float camp on the Kildala Arm of Gardner Canal. Seen in the background is Dala Heights and the route of the transmission line.

Photo #00224

Plane Day at "Kitimat Airport" -- 1954. (Bill Frahler Collection)

Float planes at the dock at Smeltersite.

Photo #00226

Construction of Pacific Western Airlines waiting room -- 1955. (Northern Sentinel Press Collection)

Construction of two pan-abode waiting rooms on the beach at Smeltersite for Pacific Western Airlines. A "Mallard" amphibian airplane unloads on the landing ramp in the background.

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