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Photo #00205

Clive Erwin's Commissary, Townsite Camp -- September 19, 1951. (Alcan Collection)

Men shopping at Clive Erwin's Commissary in the Townsite Camp.

Photo #00182

Kitimat Constructors first Christmas menu -- December 1951. (Ken & Joyce MacKinnon Collection)

A cartoon image of a burly worker feasting on his Christmas dinner as a cook stands behind him holding a steaming tray.

Photo #00193

"Kitimat Kitty" and crew -- ca. 1952. (Kitimat Heritage Advisory Commission Collection)

Kay Pentecost, better known as "Kitimat Kitty".

Photo #00202

Exterior of the Hudson's Bay Company -- 1952. (Ken & Joyce MacKinnon Collection)

The exterior of the Hudson's Bay Trading Company building at Smeltersite.

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