On The Ball - Gallery Page 2

Photo #00203

Smeltersite cafeteria -- 1952. (Ken & Joyce MacKinnon Collection)

The interior of the main cafeteria at Smeltersite in the Hudson's Bay Trading Company building, second floor.

Photo #00183

Piping in the haggis, first Burns Night -- January 25, 1952. (Ken & Joyce MacKinnon Collection)

First Burns Night in Anderson Creek Mess Hall at Smeltersite. One man plays the bagpipes while another follows with the haggis held high.

Photo #00208

Roofing married quarters -- May 29, 1952. (Alcan Collection)

The start of roofing on the married quarters, temporary one-bedroom units. View is to the south, Douglas Channel in the background.

Photo #00207

Sewer and water line construction at Smeltersite -- July 04, 1952. (Alcan Collection)

A BE 22 trench hoe digging the trench for the sewer and water lines to the married quarters. View is looking north.

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