On The Ball - Gallery Page 3

Photo #00188

Smeltersite school construction -- August 22, 1952. (District of Kitimat Collection)

The construction of Smeltersite school.

Photo #00195

Cook and bear -- August 28, 1952. (Alcan Collection)

Bob Jamieson, Chief Cook for Crawley McCracken posing with a bear that is being hand fed by someone out of sight. The men's bunkhouse in Smeltersite is in the background.

Photo #00199

First air mail envelope -- September 20, 1952. (Hal Whiting Collection)

An air mail envelope for Queen Charlotte Airlines.

Photo #00189

Santa giving presents -- December 18, 1952. (Hal Whiting Collection)

Grade 3 to 8 students gathered inside the Smeltersite Recreation Hall for "The Christmas Story" pageant. Santa is handing a present to a girl.

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