On The Ball - Gallery Page 5

Photo #00181

Workers in the mess hall -- 1954. (Northern Sentinel Press Collection)

Workers waiting in line for their meal at the Anderson Creek Mess Hall.

Photo #00196

Bear on survey truck / Photographed by Fred Ryan. -- 1954. (Northern Sentinel Press Collection) Photographed by Fred Ryan.

A black bear hanging onto the passenger side door of a survey truck.

Photo #00197

Temporary hospital at Alcan Beach -- 1954. (Kitimat General Hospital Collection)

The temporary hospital constructed on the beach at Smeltersite.

Photo #00192

Elks' Frontier Day, "Guess Yor Wate" game -- August 1954. (Northern Sentinel Press Collection)

Bill Martinuk on the scale as George Birch and John Grey "Guess Yor Wate" at the Elks' Frontier Day, Smeltersite.

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