On The Ball - Gallery Page 6

Photo #00219

Father MacDonald -- December 1954. (Pat Jimenez Collection)

Father MacDonald outside the Catholic chapel and trailer rectory at Smeltersite.

Photo #00212

Smeltersite trailer camp -- ca. 1955. (Bill Frahler Collection)

The trailer camp at Smeltersite. The smelter dock and its crane are in the background.

Photo #00190

Bathers at Hospital Beach -- 1955. (School District No. 80 Collection)

Bathers at Kitimat's "Hospital Beach", the Delta King bunkhouse and crew bunkhouses in the background and across the water of Tarte Bay.

Photo #00198

First air mail via PWA -- 1955. (Northern Sentinel Press Collection)

Two men kneeling beside the first bags of mail to arrive via Pacific Western Airlines. On the right, Captain T. M. Kellough for PWA delivers the bags to on the left, Kitimat Express driver Lloyd Kaberg, at the wharf, Smeltersite.

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