On The Ball - Gallery Page 7

Photo #00214

Anderson Hill Camp buildings -- 1955. (John Manders Collection)

Buildings at Anderson Hill Camp. Trailers and wash houses are in the foreground. The men's bunkhouses of Anderson Creek Camp are in the background.

Photo #00217

Barges loaded with flat-top houses -- 1955. (Pat Jimenez Collection)

Two barges moored in Douglas Channel and loaded with flat-top house sections for construction workers and their families.

Photo #00213

White Hall -- 1955 or 1956. (Evelyn Harris Collection)

White Hall, the women's residence at Smeltersite.

Photo #00218

Kildala Neighbourhood temporary housing -- July 13, 1955. (Alcan Collection)

Flat-top temporary housing lining the hillside up to the Aluminum City Motel at the treeline. View is northwest. Grader on Kuldo Boulevard.

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