On The Ball - Gallery Page 8

Photo #00184

Youth softball at Smeltersite -- August 1955. (Mike Kinnear Collection)

A youth softball game in full swing at the Smeltersite softball diamond, bleacher crowd watches the action. Crew bunkhouses on the hill slope in the background.

Photo #00185

Anderson Creek Bowling Alley construction -- August 04, 1955. (Northern Sentinel Press Collection)

The Anderson Creek Bowling Alley under construction.

Photo #00216

Tent with flat-top house assembly -- ca. 1956. (Bill Frahler Collection)

A tent with flat-top house assembly on a production line in West Vancouver for Johnson-Crooks Construction Corporation.

Photo #00200

Line up at the post office -- 1956. (Alcan Collection)

Residents lined up outside the Townsite Camp Post Office.

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